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Hi, I'm Rebecca! I'm a San Diego based Photographer, Digital Artist and sole owner of Nykko Ray Studios. The handsome little guy in this photo of us, is my three year old son, Rayland. I call him my "Tiny love" and he is one of my biggest inspirations, along with my husband, to start my own business. Plus being your own boss is awesome! I came up with my business name by combining my fur babies name, Nykko (Nee-ko) with part of my son's name and voilà, 'Nykko Ray Studios' was born. 

I specialize in families, children, maternity, couples and pet photography. I love to shoot my subjects in natural light and what better place to do that than in San Diego.


I am a digital artist and I create photo-art pieces from a session photo or from a photo that is sent to me. I use a combination of image manipulation and digital brushes to hand paint in scenery. I paint around and on the subject to create one of a kind art pieces from your moments. I love making moments look the way they feel. I refer to this on my Instagram page as "the moment" "the magic" where I will show the side by side comparison. Most of my photography packages include this service but it can always be added on. 


I graduated with my BS in Advertising from the Art Institute San Diego in 2011. My art has been featured at the San Diego County Fair as well as in SD Voyager magazine. I'm part of the RAW artist community and a Top Ten Winner of Summerana Photography competition.


It's no secret that I absolutely love animals and a lot of my artwork is created around them! I was raised by my Grandmother and she happen to own a pet store, which is where my love was started. I was exposed to a lot of different animals during my childhood and It was awesome! I love to create art for a cause and I've donated several of my art pieces to charitable events around San Diego County. I've been a member of the San Diego Zoo, since I moved here and my son and I have weekly zoo dates. I love and respect all the global conservation work the zoo does and it's truly inspirational. My last art show I donated all my proceeds to the End Extinction foundation to benefit their work. I will also donate a portion of each of my art sales to help various animal organizations keep being their awesome selves. 


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I look forward to doing the same and capturing all of your beautiful moments!


Follow me on Instagram and or Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest!


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